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WeWashWindows has been in business since 2016. We have been cleaning windows and gutters in McPherson as a side business since 2012 and felt it was time to become a full fledged company and make our services available to the broader community of McPherson county and beyond. If you are looking for ways to save time, have peace of mind, and invest in your family; you have found the right company to place your trust.


You’ll be pleased when you choose our company to wash your windows. We clean triple track, double hung, and casement windows. We’ll clean your windows inside and out or just outside only, that’s up to you.

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Our gutter-clean services include removing all gutter debris and making sure all downspouts are functional and clear. We will put debris in your garbage or remove it from the property.

Our prices are simple:
Detached Garages - $20
1 Story - $55
2 story - $75
3 story - $110

Call us in the March, April, May time when seed debris fills your gutters and then again in November to clean them out before the winter hits and freezes the leaves in your gutters.

Lights, Mirrors & More

We clean more than just windows and gutters - ask us about coach lights, mirrors, chandeliers, and more. One of our qualified technicians will give you an estimate based on the cleaning needs of your home.

Coach Lights – Minimum $10 (ask your technician in person)
Mirrors – Minimum $10 (ask your technician in person)
Chandeliers – Minimum $40 (ask your technician in person)

Frequently Asked Questions

• I have skylights, do you do those as well?

Currently, we are equipped to do the outside of skylights only. They would vary in price according to the size. Please ask your technician when he arrives.

• Can you do 3rd story windows?

Yes, we have both ladders and experience to reach just about any window. Please let our technicians know when they arrive of any concerns you may have before they start.

• How much per hour do you charge?

We do not charge by the hour, but rather by the job/window.

• How long will my windows stay cleaned? How soon do I need to hire you again?

Most customers say that they like our service two times per year. We can schedule it however often you wish to do so. We offer discounts for cleaning that is more than two times per year, just ask your technician for details.

• What if I only want the outside of my windows cleaned, because I like to do the inside myself?

We can certainly accommodate that for you. Outside only for most houses is approximately 60% of your full inside and out cost. Our calculator can show you a full cost for your windows and then you can calculate the 60% from there. Sometime customers asks us to do this and forget that they have screens that can only be removed from the inside so please let us know if you will not be there when we do the outside only so we can make arrangements before hand.

• What do you do with the gutter debris from my gutters?

We will put it in garbage bags and either haul it away or put it in your trash, whichever is convenient for you.

• I have gutter guards on some parts of my gutters, will I be charged more?

Not usually, unless it is most or all of your house we will not charge you extra for checking these parts of your roof area. Please ask your technician if you are concerned about any extra cost for gutter cleaning due to gutter guards.

• How accurate is the calculator on your website?

It depends on how accurate your count of windows and types of windows has been for the input. If any questions arise, please email us or call us and we can arrange an in person quote as well.

• How do I keep my windows clean in between cleanings from WeWashWindows?

Great Question! Our technicians can provide advice on this while on site. We also have a kit that you can purchase from us and get a free lesson when we hand deliver it to you! It comes with a professional squeegee and three lint free cloths, just like the ones we use to clean your windows when we are there!

• Do you take credit cards?

As of July 1, 2016 we do take credit cards! Of course, we also take cash and checks. Please make out your checks to “WeWashWindows”.

• I have a party coming up this weekend! Can you do my windows before my guests arrive?

It depends on two items. 1 – What does our schedule already look like leading up to your party. If we can fit you in on the normal schedule, we will do so. 2 – How much of your house do you really need the windows cleaned? If guests are not going to be on the second floor where most of your bedrooms are, then we could do what we call a “party clean” which would involve the first floor and any other designated windows by you. Please ask your technician for more details on an actual price.